Kohler Generators from Ross Brothers

When it comes to protecting your home and family from severe Florida storms, installing a home backup generator is one of the most important decisions that you can make. Ross Brothers home generator division specializes in the sales and installation of name brand home backup power systems. Kohler Generators are one of the top selling brands and Ross Brothers is proud to be a distributor for them. Every Kohler generator is thoroughly checked and quality tested from start to finish. Their engineering team runs hundreds of performance tests during the design process to ensure efficiency and reliability. Then they provide a 5 year warranty that guarantees your generator under all circumstances.

When your generator does need service, it’s nice to know that Ross Brother’s is conveniently located to arrive at your Broward or Palm Beach County home is just minutes. We are available for emergency repairs on a 24/7 basis. We want to be your number one choice when it comes to home backup power, or and any other home maintenance product or service that you need.

If you own a home in South Florida, you need to protect it from power outages. Ross Brothers is your best choice for a high quality Kohler home generator. Our number one goal is to make you a lifetime client for all of your home improvement requirements! For more information and a free estimate, call us today at 954-246-0883 in Broward County or 561-258-9468 in Palm Beach County.

The Ross Brothers Kohler Generator Installation Process

The installation process for a Kohler generator involves 3 steps. Step 1 is to properly and efficiently place the unit. Ross Brothers will work with you to locate a stable and level surface to place your Kohler generator. The area will need to be about 15 square feet. We will remove the sod and compact the soil underneath. Then stone dust is poured over the area and tamped to create the level, solid, surface. The generator will then be slid into place.

Step 2 is for us to hook up the transfer switch which is the mechanism that automatically tells your Kohler generator that the power has gone out and that it needs to turn on. Ross Brother’s licensed electrical contractor will wire this switch into the most important circuits in your breaker box to ensure that your kitchen, bedrooms, and whatever else you may deem necessary will keep running when the power from the electric company goes out.

During Step 3, we will connect the fuel source. Kohler generators are built to run on natural gas or LP, which is sourced from your homes main gas line. Using natural gas for this application is convenient because it doesn’t require any additional space for fuel storage. A Ross Brothers licensed plumbing contractor will install the few basic pipes needed to run the gas line from your home to the unit. If your home does not run on gas, our licensed and insured plumbing contractor can install an LP tank underground on your property to ensure a safe and reliable source of fuel to your generator.

Call Ross Brothers for the Best Service and a Free Estimate

Protecting your home and family is a necessity and you need the experience, professionalism and expert customer service that Ross Brothers home generators is famous for. We guarantee to provide the most professional installation and maintenance services for your Kohler generator. For more information and a free estimate, call us today at 954-246-0883 in Broward County or 561-258-9468 in Palm Beach County.