Diesel Generators

When it comes to providing a backup power source to protect your family and home from the ravages of South Florida tropical storms and hurricanes, a diesel generator from Ross Brothers is an excellent choice. Our entire line of diesel generators are installed and serviced by our factory authorized dealers and technicians. Broward and Palm Beach homeowners choosing Ross Brothers are getting the experience of a company backed by over 27 years of reliable service.

Diesel generators are used as both home backup power sources and in commercial establishments. Depending on the load capacity of the specific generator, they can be used in small loads for backup power in smaller homes, as well as larger loads for estates and in commercial buildings. They can either be prime power sources if electric service is not available from a utility company, or standby/back-up power sources. They are available in various specifications and sizes. Diesel generator sets that are typically used in home applications have a power rating of 5KW to run appliances and an air conditioner, to-30KW for an average sized home.

If you want to protect your Broward or Palm Beach County home from power outages, Ross Brothers is your best choice for a high quality home generator and installation. Our number one goal is to make you a lifetime client for all of your home improvement requirements! For more information and a free estimate, call us today at 954-246-0883 in Broward County or 561-258-9468 in Palm Beach County.

Advantages of Diesel Generators from Ross Brothers

There are several different types of home backup generators. Some of the options are gasoline powered, natural gas or LP powered, solar powered and diesel powered. Some of the advantages of diesel are that it is the least flammable fuel source. Diesel fuel is also easily obtained; particularly during a disaster. Even though the cost of diesel fuel has risen over the cost of gasoline; in high use situations the cost of operation is much lower than gas generators. The general rule of thumb for fuel consumption is 7% of the rated generator output. As an example; 7% of a 20KW generator = 1.4 gallon per hour at full load which is significantly less than gas. Additionally, it is estimated that engine life for a liquid-cooled 1800 RPM diesel engine can approach 20,000 hours if the diesel generator is properly serviced depending on the application and environment. And the best part is that diesel generators are competitively priced for a comparably sized water-cooled natural gas or gasoline generator with the same features.

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